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  • I have been running a wordpress blog on my Windows Home Server 2011 fine for a few months now and would like to add another blog. I would like to have each blog link to different domains i.e. (Existing) and I have a fixed ISP and the domain names are through 1and1 and I can forward them to my server fine, but I am getting really stuck with the actual blogs themselves.

    I think I have installed Mutlisite OK and can see the Network Admin In the top left corner. I have installed MU Domain Mapping plugin Ok too. I have managed to add a second test site (and a third) which show up in the Mysites menu ok but I cannot figure out how to get the dashboard / site etc to work for my new sites. The problem for me is that the new sites all want to exist as when I really need them to be – is using multisite like this possible and can anyone give me any pointers as to what I’m doing wrong please?


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    What options did you check on the domain mapping page?

    Thanks for the reply, I have tried various combinations but still have no luck getting to edit a site. At the moment its 2,3,4 checked. Perhaps it’s to do with the bindings in IIS as every time I click on Dashboard for anything other than my primary site I end up at the remote access logon for my WHS.

    I also can’t get my head around how the sub domains relate to the main domain. When I enter a new site and call it Test it enters OK but lists the domain as Test under all sites and its URL as When I try to go to the dashboard it then can’t find an address like this and ends up beign redirected to my homeserver log on page. On 1and1 I have forwarded to my IP address.

    Do you know if it is possible to have the sites working as separate domains? i.e. and ?

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    Yes, you can have separate sites as separate domains. That’s the whole point of the plugin 🙂 I do it myself.

    I think you’re right with the IIS binding, however. Or you didn’t point them to the right place.

    That said, I’m not 100% sure what you did with 1and1 ‘forwarding’ the domain. Where is the name server?

    I’m not really sure where to point the bindings for the new blogs!
    My 1and1 setup shows my existing domain – Workblog using http redirect to my homeserver domain ( I’m not sure why I haven’t just redicrected it direct to my IP address as this is static though. My new domain HomeBlog I have tried redirecting in the same way to my homeserver domain and also to my IP address. Both end up on my server, but both jsut go straight to my homeserver remote log on page.

    On the bindings I have WorkBlog binding port 80 to the folder C:\inetpub\Web Sites\workbolg\workblog which works fine. I have also bound my homeserver port 80 to this location too. I’ve tried binding my new Homeblog like this and it doesn’t make any difference I still end up on my WHS Remote log on page. But I don’t really know what I am supposed to pointing to for the new blog!

    Forgot to add the nameserver is

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