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  • Hi,

    I installed WP Multi on a subdomain (subdomain on my main site hosting account)

    The site itself renders OK, but when I created some sites as a subdomain on the wp multi, the problem started.

    Sites can’t be reached.

    I have no idea about php, just copied all the files required, looked around in th WP help files and enabled the *.sudomain in Cpanel.

    I have a permanent redirect from http;// to for the main domain on my hosting.
    Could that be causing the problem?

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  • Adding to post above:

    I’ve put up a redirect
    http:/// to

    and now when I want to reach the wp multi subsites on that domain it directs to my main site’s index page.

    The main wp site on “” renders ok

    I think you just answered your own question – the redirect is breaking your multisite.

    As stated here:

    If you have www in the settings for your domain URL, and plan to use subdomains for multisite, make sure that both the site address and the WordPress address are the same. If you plan on changing them to or, do so before you begin the rest of the setup for multisite, as changing the domain name after the fact is more complicated.

    Thank you for your quick reaction but I’m sorry, I don’t follow.

    When I said I’ve put up a redirect for the WP site, that was done as a test to see if it would help to render the subdomains of the WP installation (obviously not).

    Maybe I didn’t explain the problem clearly.

    I have a hosting account with several domains.
    The main domain is a css/html site.
    Installed WP on one of the addons (subdomains)
    Chose between the option with or without www. for the domain I was installing WP, during the installation.
    Next manualy enabled the multisite for this installation, with the sites to render as subdomains.

    Where did it go wrong?

    Multisite needs to be in the root directory for subdomains to work properly.

    Yes it is in the root directory of the domain where it is installed.

    Yes, I understand. It’s in the root directory of your add-on domain. The issue is that an add-on domain is itself merely a sub-directory with a redirect making it look like a top-level domain. Unfortunately, Multisite can’t tell the difference and so if you want to use sub-domains, your install has to be in the root of the main domain you have hosted. Or you’ll have to settle for sub-directories.

    Ok. Thank you.

    So if I want to have the addon domain serve as WP multi with sub-domain settings, I need to put it on its own hosting.

    The aim was to try WP out before deciding if yes/no I move my main domain to it.

    Yes, I’m sorry. 🙁

    Well, you could contact your webhost and see if they could switch which domain is the main one associated with cPanel for you. Then you could keep things set up the way you want without paying for a separate hosting account. But depending on the settings you have, that might be an option.

    Yes, was thinking about doing that, it will be no problem. I switched main cpanel domain last year too.

    I have another question if you don’t mind, for another set of domains running on a seperate hosting account:
    If I install WP in the root of the main domain of the cpanel, can I install multisite with the configuration on an addon?
    If the multisite needs to run from the main domain I need to switch the cpanel there too.

    Thank you for your help. Moving to WP is a bit scary for me. It feels putting myself out of control, not knowing what happens “behind the scenes”.
    It’s easy enough to understand how WP operates using php, but I’m used to make all my sites with only css/html.
    I have a book of around 900 pages about php5 but up to now lack of time to read it!

    I don’t think so, but I’m not entirely positive on this. I know when it was still MU this didn’t work, but I haven’t followed the progression since it was merged with WordPress as a whole. I’d start a new topic specifically about this in the multisite forum.

    And you’re very welcome. Glad I could help. And believe it or not we all were there at some point, too. There’s a wealth of knowledge here on the forums, though, and I promise it really will get easier. 🙂

    Let me try to understand your problem:

    if you have:

    you can create subdomains li

    but if your main site domain is:

    your subdomain with “vanilla” multisite should be

    Are you with me?

    Then you could use domain mapping plugin to map, in example: -> ->

    and so on.

    Actually is not true all your subdomains (or addons domains, that are not the same than subdomains) should point to the root of your main site. You can set every domain or subdomain to any directory you like under your public_html in cpanel however in order wordpress can serve it, you should abide to the basic rules I tried to explain above.

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