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    This blew me away when I read about it in the release documentation a few years ago and now I actually have a business need to have a multisite of multisites (which everyone seems to think is a typo. LOL) … or to have a network where a handful of the sites have their own networks. Not all of them would be their own multisite.

    I tried to search for it, even here in this Multisite forum, but all I get are articles about individual multisites (which is usually quite enough for everyone, I get that!).

    I’ve been working with Multisites since 2010, so I have some clue what I’m doing, but I haven’t done networks on a network and wanted to find out … can I just start with the one network and then add network to the subsites on it as needed? Or does everything have to be its own multisite across the original network?

    I currently host on a grow big plan at Siteground, so I guess I should also ask if I would end up needing something more robust.

    Anyone actually tried this yet?

    Thank you!


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    A while back I was testing this theory. My scenario was to have a Department of Ed Network with Districts with Schools.
    I think there was a plugin that allowed me to do this. (here’s one but it doesn’t look familiar
    I think I dropped the idea because, well, it was my first WP site! I come from a long line of SharePoint experience.

    I hope you share your findings.

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    Thanks cln.lgr! I am glad someone saw this! The lack of responses does not give me a lot of confidence that this is a well-implemented, well-tested part of WordPress. I am still trying to decide if we need the multisite of multisites or not … If I do try it, I will post about it!

    Settings for multi site WordPress and adding wildcard subdomain. How to Enable a Multisite Network in WordPress.


    When you install WordPress Multisite, you become the network. Enter the title and admin email address for your network in the relevant.

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    Well, we are down to the spammers and mansplainers who don’t understand the question but feel free to answer it anyway. So, marking this as “resolved” even though I am still hesitant to try a network of networks, mainly because the other network owners would not be as technically skilled. thanks everyone for the genuine replies!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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