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  • JohnM


    I’m using MP-Polls in a Multisite installation and I’m experiencing a few problems.

    If I site activate the plugin the config and poll entry works fine, but I found two issues with the widget:

    The first widget issue occurs when non-logged in users visit the page and the poll does not display. You have to log in. This is a problem because I don’t allow user registration. I should also note that the WP Polls Option for “Who Is Allowed To Vote?” is set to “Guest Only.”

    The second widget issue occurs when setting the widget config “Poll To Display” to “Display Latest Poll” and no poll is displayed. I have to explicitly choose the latest poll, and it is only displaying as noted in the first issue.

    Lastly, network activating the plugin doesn’t show the WP Polls panel on subsequent sites, which would be preferred. It would be great if I could network activate and configure the options/templates, and even share network level polls with member sites (but still allowing site-level poll creation).

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