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  • Resolved JohnM


    I’m having an issue with getting this plugin to work in a multisite installation.

    First, the polls do not show for guests, even though I configured the polls to be enabled for guests only.

    Second, the widget does not show a poll when “Display Latest Poll” is selected. I have to explicitly select a poll. Again, it will not show for guests, only logged in users.

    Note, everything works fine on a single site installation with the same plugins and configurations.

    Lastly, I’d like share my WP Poll Options/Template with all sites so I don’t have to duplicate configurations for all sites on the networks, but that is not possible with the current plugin. In addition, it would be nice to create a poll at the network level and share it with sites on the network.

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  • Plugin Author Lester Chan


    DId you put everything in the MU plugins folder or individual site folders? WP-Polls is not fully compatible with MS if you put it in the MU plugins folder. It has to be placed in individual site folders. I wish I have the time to work on that.

    I installed the plugin via the network plugin management, but I activated the plugin per site. You’re saying I should disable and uninstall the plugin, and do a manual drop in each site plugin directory?

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    Unfortunately yes, it does not work when it is network activated.

    yeah, I’m not seeing where each site plugin directory exists. Not sure it’s possible in WordPress MU. Any idea where that would be?

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    I am not too sure of that, I am not using WS myself, but I know for sure you can based on my other users =)

    Ok, so I was playing around and I discovered something. The widget is doing the opposite of what is defined under Poll Options for “Who Is Allowed To Vote?”

    For instance, if I enable only for Registered Users,the widget actually hides it for registered users, showing it for Guest Users. But even though the Guest Users can see the poll, they can’t vote because the “Who Is Allowed To Vote?” setting! haha.

    This is killing me. 🙂

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