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  • revisited LL again after I put it aside months ago because it would not work flawless on multisites.

    With renewed energy I tried to re-install all new versions of WP and LL only to find it works fine on my local single WP, but still fails on my Multisites.

    Here are my findings so far:

    adding an echo for $linkquery around line 1800 in link-library.php revealed that link moderation relies on a fairly complex sql search as follows:

    SELECT distinct * FROM wp_41_terms t LEFT JOIN wp_41_term_taxonomy tt ON (t.term_id = tt.term_id) LEFT JOIN wp_41_term_relationships tr ON (tt.term_taxonomy_id = tr.term_taxonomy_id) LEFT JOIN wp_41_links l ON (tr.object_id = l.link_id) LEFT JOIN wp_41_links_extrainfo le ON (l.link_id = le.link_id) WHERE tt.taxonomy = ‘link_category’AND l.link_description like ‘%LinkLibrary:AwaitingModeration:RemoveTextToApprove%’ ORDER by link_name ASC

    looking further into my database I notice that the DB table wp_41_links_extrainfo simply does not exist. This prevents LL from working correctly. I also noticed the main site DOES have a wp_links_extrainfo table.

    In an effort to solve problems through blunt force I copied the wp_links_extrainfo into a wp_41_links_extrainfo table. After this LinkLibrary seems to perform a lot better in multisite although other problems persist, e.g. when submitting a new link it shows up double in the moderation lists.

    Either way, with creation of a extrainfo table in each site it seems LL should work. Question now to the developer :

    When/where is forementioned table created, and why would it not be created for each site ?
    It’s probably a simple solution (maybe changing the use of $this->db_prefix() in favor of $wpdb->prefix around line 156 ???) But I assume Yannick (?) is better equipped to launch an update.


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  • Plugin Author Yannick Lefebvre


    I have another user who has been actively working at correcting Link Library to work on multi-site installations. I will publish an update to address these issues as soon as possible.

    Dear Yannick,

    I really love this plug-in. I am planning to build up huge link library. Therefore I definitely need the automatic thumbnail generation tool – but on a multisite environment.

    Can you look forward if this issue might be resolved soon?
    I’m really looking forward to using this plugin.
    Can you help us multisite hoster?

    Thank you so much,

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