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    Looks like a lot of work has been done on multisite when WordPress is installed to its own directory: #19796

    However, it doesn’t seem to work as intended in WP 3.5-RC1. I’ve tested numerous times with both subdirectory and subdomain multisite installs, and I can only get subdirectory multisite to work if I put the rewrite rules in a different .htaccess file than specified; I can’t get subdomain multisite to work yet.

    Here are the steps I’ve taken to duplicate this issue a number of times:

    These are just the steps I took to test the subdirectory version of multisite WP. I haven’t yet gotten subdomain multisite WP to work from within its own directory; regardless of where I put the rewrite rules I run into reauth loops at wp-login.php and can’t ever access both site and network admins, and I fear my rewrite knowledge is such that I won’t be able to offer too much help in fixing for subdomain multisite.

    But I think I’ve found that the only thing that needs changing for subdirectory multisite WP is for the user to be prompted to put the rewrite rules in the root-level .htaccess file, not the WP install directory .htaccess (if there is one there). Seems like this was meant to be fixed – see comment #38 of the aforementioned trac ticket.

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  • Thanks, I created a ticket:

    I believe this bug have been fixed in 3.5, i just install the 3.6-beta1-24041 on sub folder (wordpress) with a index.php and wp-config.php on root. Then activated multisite everything is normal except clicking any of menu under ‘Network Admin’ will get the error that the page isnt redirect properly.

    The menu itself were composed without the wordpress/ subfolder in URL, thus preventing the file to be loaded. Adding subfolder to constant PATH_CURRENT_SITE will trigger the explained error above.

    Anyone please help.

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