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  1. dhunink
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've installed a multisite network and created a theme for theme. Off course the content of the blogs is different, but I would like to use some sort of 'news widget' on the blogs, displaying all the same.
    It's on the upper right corner on http://test.d-serv.nl/activiteiten/

    So i'm wondering which method you suggest.

    So far I thought of:
    1. Post blog items on the master blog, fetch them by rss.
    Problem: how do i count the length of the text?

    2. Create a custom options panel, in which news can be inserted.
    Problem: I know how to make such a panel, but don't know if it's possible to use the editor functions and store news message after news message, including links

    3. Start a twitter account and import the twitter updates
    Problem: a good twitter account should have daily updates. News would only be added on weekly base.

    Hopefully you could help me decide which option i should use, or give me some more options. Thanks for thinking with me!

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