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    Multisite using WP MU Domain Mapping
    I have read many posts, gone thru Otto’s instructions, checked the .htaccess file, uploaded development version of WP MU Domain Mapping plugin and checked the DNS records for the second site.

    Network is working in that the Primary site is up and I can login to its Admin area.

    In My Sites > Network Admin > Sites I then added the second site

    BUT — get Page Not Found when I try to view the dashboard of second site.

    When I go to Domain Mapping: Domains there are no domains listed. Should there be? All I have is a box to enter a domain to search or an option to add a new domain. If I enter domain and select save, nothing happens..?

    WordPress is in the hosting root directory

    Domain Manager
    For the domain that I want to map to I have parked it as ‘under construction’ and changed the * IP address to the same as primary hosting server

    So what am I missing? I feel I am going round and round in circles getting nowhere!


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    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep is a 404 as well.

    Step 1) Make sure your site works as a subdomain.

    Step 2) Mess with mapping 🙂

    You don’t need domain mapping yet because your sites don’t work at all (you could map to it, but why over complicate?).

    That said, you don’t map subdomains.

    You map to but you don’t map to

    Just make a subdomain and point it to

    Thank you for your response

    Not sure I am following you though!

    In the Network Solutions account domain registration and hosting I had setup all the domain names to point to the hosting root directory where WordPress is installed and the primary site is running (/htdocs/).

    Where do I “make the subdomain”?

    I received the following link from NS to setup a subdirectory. Is that the same thing you are referring to?
    1. Log in to Account Manager:
    2. Click My Hosting Packages
    3. Click on the Assign/Edit Your Domain icon
    4. Find the domain name you wish to change the directory for the right of the domain click Edit.
    5. Use the drop down to the right of the domain to point to your WordPress® directory or Add directory not listed and click Select.
    6. If adding a new directory, select Add Directory not listed and click Select.
    7. Type the name of the new directory after htdocs / click Select.


    OK, I worked out how to add a subdomain. Found a NS link with more info. I was missing the part ‘Assign New’.

    So now the secondary WP site is showing and I can login ok.

    Next step is to map/point to

    Network Solutions — I tried pointing to /htdocs/harken/ as the directory showed as an option in the Domain Names list but that brings me to a page

    WordPress — When in SuperAdmin looking at ‘Domain Mapping: Domains’ there are no domains listed.

    Obviously I am missing something yet again…?

    WordPress — OK, so I worked out that the Domain Mapping is added for each site within its own Admin rather than the main Network Admin

    I went into Tools > Domain Mapping and added the url

    Network Solutions Account — then went into Domain DNS records and maded sure the IP address was correct for live site, not parked site which is what I had set it for based on another post I read!

    So long and short of it — I think I worked it out and am all set!! Waiting for DNS records to update to be totally sure.

    Is the domain mapping tool really necessary? From all my research in the forums, it seems like the functionality should be built into WP core. Am I missing something?

    I created a new install of WP, configured the network, and I am having the same problem as you and many other people in the forums are having. I run my own servers and control my DNS so I can eliminate those variables…I think.

    Can anyone tell me if the Domain Mapping plugin is necessary to effectively use WP in a network configuration?

    Thanks in advance!

    To boil down the steps I took which require Domain Mapping plugin. The domain registrations and hosting were all in one account

    Create a subdomain for the second network site. eg: Make sure the IP Address is the same as the primary domain where WordPress is hosted.

    Wordpress Network Admin: install Domain Mapping Plugin

    WordPress Network Admin: add a Site that matches the subdomain created in step 1. (

    WordPress Second Site: go to Tools > Domain Mapping. Enter the domain name you want to use ( and select as the Primary url (replacing
    NOTE: this happens in the second site admin, NOT the main Network admin

    Based on my experience that’s it for the Network

    As an aside. I had other domain names that originally were being forwarded/pointed to the primary domain. eg was forwarding to However now the domain mapping was redirecting to a page saying the domain name was not registered with the WordPress domain network.

    To get around this I added
    define( ‘NOBLOGREDIRECT’, ‘’ );
    in wp-config.php before
    /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */
    Obviously is the primary site of the network

    Hope that helps save some people time as I know I spent a lot trying to figure out how to make the network function correctly.

    I am by no means an expert so please don’t get mad at me if this scenario does not work for your domain registration and hosting account. Or if domains and hosting are in different accounts.

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