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  • Hello,

    I have a multisite setup with sub-directories.
    I dedided to make the
    “” my spanish site and the
    “” my english site. I edited the themes file with poedit and now have the en_US.po file and file in my theme/languages folder.
    Further I went to my backend and in Network admin – sites
    edited my “/” site in the setting tab
    WPLANG i put “es_Es” and in my “/en” site in the setting tab
    I put “en_US”.
    Now when going to my main url it should show the spanish version and in the subdirectory domain/en my english version, but it doesn´t!!
    I am frustraded, did I miss something????
    The only thing that might be the problem is that when I put the language in the WPLANG field it doesn´t seem to be saved. When I go back to the settings tab of the file it doesn´t show anymore….?
    Thank you for your help

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