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  • ok. I justed cleared the cache on the computer, which provides me access to the network admin panel until now and it’s gone…

    Pretty bad that I can’t access it anymore – but at least it makes a little more sense now.

    base domain is:

    mapped domains are:

    I guess the problem is that the redirect points at… ?!?

    The server DNS and point to the same ip adress.

    You say the base domain AND a mapped domain is You can’t do that. You can’t map ANYTHING to the base domain. You can only map to the subsites.

    Thank you for your answer.

    The base domain is (without the www) and one of the mapped domains is -> is mapped to and the other domain is mapped to

    The domain mapping works pretty well besides the fact that I can’t access the network admin anymore.

    The base domain is (without the www)

    AND -> is mapped to

    You cannot do that. That’s what’s wrong. is the SAME as in so far as web things go.

    You’re going to have to edit your database, find that mapping, and remove it.

    so how would you resolve my situation?

    I do have this base domain

    and I would like to have these domains:
    1) (pointing to
    2) (pointing to

    So I only need one?! domain mapping for the domain to

    thanks a lot for your help Ipstenu. would you mind giving me some more advice what entries to change in the database?

    To ‘fix’ you would look in your database for wp_domain_mapping

    You SHOULD be able to delete the entrie(s) for but honestly I don’t know if that will work.

    and I would like to have these domains:
    1) (pointing to
    2) (pointing to

    Can’t do #1. I’d export everything from /english and put it in

    But why is it working then? if it’s not possible to point to that subdirectory?
    May I ask to contact you directly? I would really appreciate some advanced (paid) help here. I can’t risk to be offline with this website.

    Ok. Fine. I moved the whole site from /english to /

    the standard page is also available under the base domain
    That’s perfect.

    And the domain mapping does that the other domain: points to

    Only thing that have to be changed that I want my “base” domain to be

    .htaccess redirect? But would it replace all links within the code from non-www to www links?

    Fine! I figured it out 🙂 Perfect.
    I just changed my MAIN domain to the standard webhosting domain and created two domains via the domain mapping plugin.

    1) ->
    2) ->

    works perfectly + access to network admin is working 😉

    One last question:
    Almost every image from the media gallery is using the new domain ( but the featured images for instance use the “raw”url (…)

    The domain mapping plugin offers a setting to change the SiteUrl: when I change this from to all images show as source the perfect domain. but the permalinks aren’t working anymore 🙁

    1) ->
    2) ->

    Yes, you can do that.

    I don’t know what’s up with featured images. I’ve never had that problem.

    But the system is right I guess? within wordpress the file url of all uploaded images via the media manager is…

    and the domain mapping plugin translates that into Am I right here?

    That’s how it works for me on my sites.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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