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    I have a website in the English language with a Google plugin for translations, which is rather unsatisfactory. Translations detract from the author’s intent. 🙂
    Now I have created a network / multisite (with a subdirectory) to present bilingual content.
    The main site is in English. The Dutch environment does not need to be translated because both texts (EN and NL) are original delivered by the authors.

    In this case plugins like WPML or any other translation-plugin is not necessary, but then I miss a certain functionality.
    Because what I want is a language switcher EN-NL that must be placed at the top of the web pages. Sounds simple, but I can’t find a solution that also ensures that it jumps to the exact same page in the other language.

    My search is broken. Who can give a hint?

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    Whatever solution you use, there needs to be a way to correlate any specific EN page to the equivalent NL page, and vice versa. How would you plan on doing that? One solution would be a custom table with EN page slugs (or IDs) in one column and the related NL slug in the other. The switcher’s links would be dynamically generated from the table’s data.

    There’d need to be a custom meta box on the editor screen allowing authors to specify which slug in the other language should be used for their page. When the page is saved, the appropriate data would be saved in the custom table.

    The switcher itself is actually a relatively minor part of the entire scheme. Managing how the pages correlate is where most of the development effort would be.

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    Well, I’ve only just discovered that plugins like WPML or Polylang don’t
    necessarily translate automatically. You can also do it manually and then you already have a correlation between pages with 2 different languages. You have to create those pages anyway.
    Then it’s not necessary to create a network/multisite.
    An alternative for the DIY is for example this: https://www.prodjex.com/2017/07/werpdress-shortcode-current-url/ where you can link the current page yourself with a trick and some programming experience.

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    Now I found the right plugin for what I like to achieve: Translatepress. This plugin does not require a copied and translated page or post, but instead it lets you create a translated blocks and presents this in a native subdirectory /nl or /en etc.
    I tested it and it works fine.

    So, no multisite and also no double pages for every language.

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