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  • I have a client who wants nine websites, each in a different language. The sites will be nearly identical except that each will have content manually translated. The main navigation could be automatically translated, but some of the navigation links to other websites will be different from site to site. The homepage header for each site will have its own title in its own language.

    There will be a Contact Us page for each site, and each will have different email notification addresses.

    I will be the main developer and maintenance person for purposes of updates to plugins, etc. Each site will have its own author for purposes of providing manual translations of page content and receiving Contact Us email.

    Is WP multisite appropriate for this project?

    Thanks for your feedback.


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  • I would use WordPress + WPML Multilingual CMS plugin. It supports Multi-user translation management. You only need to manage one site and it supports multiple languages. You can choose to have different languages in different domains, in sub-domains or in language folders.

    Mr. Fong,

    Thank you for your reply! Let me see if I get this straight. You’re saying that I could effectively operate nine websites with different URLs (each using it’s own language and (perhaps) TDL, with differing header titles, contact forms, and manual translations of content…from a single non-multi site using WPML. Is that right?

    What if we wanted to include a Question and Answer functionality specific to the language? Only Q&A from French-speaking users would display on the French site, and similarly for each of the nine sites.

    Anybody else want to weigh in here?



    Jim: yes, it can be done, too. basically, you duplicate the pages for each language. WPML plugin allows you to edit each language version manually

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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