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  • Well I’ve tried the only other plugin that I could find – BP-Registration-Options – but that hasn’t been maintained for some time and stopped working with WP3.1+

    I am surprised not to find any working alternatives – seems like the kind of functionality that most WP multisite or BuddyPress users would find very useful.

    I find it utterly astonishing that there is no moderation plugin for multisite registrations. Would seem to be a basic requirement to me.

    I agree… there are no alternatives. I should have used Drupal 🙁

    Really, really desperate for a solution.

    I am on the same boat and I find it absurd that you can’t moderate new users.

    It’s nuts, right? I’m doing a workaround. In a couple networks, I have achieved registration moderation by creating PHP forms for applying for site membership and for registering sites. On submission, that data sits in a table until transferred to the users table when I approve the requests.

    To get around the hashing of passwords, the forms don’t ask for one from the user. Instead, I generate a random password and send it in the approval email asking new members and new site admins to change their password on first login.

    How backwards! Makes a little more work for me, but I’d rather spend a minute more to have that user sign up and site registration moderation. What are others doing to work around this registration issue?

    Have you tried the WP-Members™ plugin? Anyone working successfully with this on a multisite install? Author reports it is “not officially multisite compatible,” but the plug is currently WordPress compatible to 3.3.1.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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