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  • Hello,

    in a multisite installation, I suddenly noticed that NOT all images were displayed correctly (depending on website, themes and if the image is inside a post or another WP function).

    After investigations I found out that most of the images are linked to a “weird” path:

    rather than the “usual”

    This has happened in all sites of the multi-site and I did not realise when (latest backup of 30 days ago is already like this).

    Any help on how to get this sorted will be much appreciated, thanks!

    Current workaround: I copied most important images to the “new” path but it takes ages and also, when uploading a new image, it doesn’t work as the folder is trying to upload probably doesn’t exist on the server

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I suppose what should happen is you need to figure out why your sites are trying to use the weird path and fix it so proper paths are used, getting uploads working correctly. If the weird links are functioning and are explicitly referenced in post content, there is no need fuss with them. However, it sounds like they are not functioning.

    The first thing to check for the cause of weird paths is the wp-config.php file. Constants can be defined to relocate certain folders. For instance, UPLOADS constant can be defined for the uploads folder; WP_CONTENT_URL and WP_CONTENT_DIR to move the entire wp-content folder.

    If there is nothing in wp-config.php, the cause is most likely your themes or plugins. If you were to switch to one of the default twenty* themes and deactivate all plugins, new uploads should work correctly. Reactivate your usual theme, then plugins, all one at a time, testing after each. When uploads fail again, the last activated module is the cause.

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