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    Hello all,

    Here is my issue. Converted an existing site (3 months old) to a multisite install with a subdirectory structure. Everything seemed OK. Then created 12 new “sites” as subdirectories to the existing site. Everything with the new subdirectory sites is totally perfect.

    Here is the problem: The main site (the one that was the pre-existing site) now has all of it’s post content (on posts and pages) outputing twice. For example, if the post content is “This is a post” the output on the live site is the following:

    “This is a post”
    “This is a post”

    You can see an example of what I’m talking about here:

    I’ve checked the post and page edit screens and all the content on the main site is only input once and I’ve checked all the the post_content records in the database and it is only there once as well. (I assumed it was a database issue – like an extra table got created or something – I but haven’t found anything there that is obvious – maybe I’m not looking in the right place?)

    However, all of the post and page content on the main site is still outputting twice. This is true for all the content that was pre-existing the conversion to multisite as well as when I create new content on the main site.

    Again, everything on the new multisite subdirectory sites is working perfectly.

    Does anyone know why this happening and what I can do about it? I’ve already created 12 new subdirectory sites and don’t want t start from scratch if I can help it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Problem solved. There was a conflict with a custom built plugin. For some reason the plugin was causing the loop to run twice. Deactivated the plugin and the duplicate content went away.

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