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  1. raisinlove
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi, I was wondering if this is either a bug or part of the features. You see, I installed the release candidate 3.0 to give a go at the multisite feature and got that working fine. However, when using plugins to activate privacy, such at Private WordPress and wp-private, I'm not the getting the expected results:



    Then created users for each individualy:

    blogger1 for blog1.domain.com
    blogger2 for blog2.domain.com

    So far, so good. When I activate the privacy plugin and try to access the blog without logging in, I'm redirected to the login screen. However, when logged as blogger1, I get the see the content of blog1.domaine.com.

    My problem is if I then surf over to blog2.domain.com while logged in as blogger1, I can access it anyway!

    Any thoughts on this?
    much appreciated!

  2. Then those plugins need to be fixed to work with the network running.

    this one does what you want:

    (free download link on the right, in the smaller orange box)

    Then go to Settings -> Privacy on each site and set it to "must be a registered user on this blog".

  3. raisinlove
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Excellent, thank you, this works perfectly. My only suggestion would be to include more config for the messages in the redirection page. I'll just hardcode these for now to suit my needs.

  4. Not my plugin. :)

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