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  • I have the plugin networked activated, but not all of the sites were turned on. The credentials set on the network level did not translate down to each site. Several, I had to manually, site by site, go into General Settings and click “Lock Selection”. I am checking each site in a multisite environment. It appears to only impact sites added in the last couple of weeks, even though I think I activated the plugin after the sites were added.

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  • Hi,

    Make sure you’re refreshing the Properties each time you’re adding a new site (the button is available on General Settings, under your Network Admin screen) and you’re assigning a Property to the new site.

    Thank you for your response.

    We have about 130 sites. All the impacted sites (about 30) were the most recently registered, but the oldest was from last year (8/26/2015). If it were just the most recent sites, would only have impacted about 10 (those launched in Sept, 19th and 20th to be precise). The majority were already in place when we launched your plugin.

    Also, on the General Settings page, it doesn’t show all the sites. It actually ends at the last site that automatically added. All the sites I had to manually add do not list nor show up on the Network General Settings page, even after refreshing nor clearing the cache.

    There isn’t any correlation in regards to when the site was updated, just registered.

    Anything else I should try? Your plugin in is supper easy to use. Even as is, it is way easier than activation GA site by site like other plugins.


    By default the number of sites returned are limited to 100 (for performance reasons). You need to use the gadwp_sites_limit filter to increase the limit to whatever number of sites you’ll need.

    Ah! That makes sense. Since it is network activated, where should I put the code (the theme’s function.php would not be applicable).


    Ah. That makes sense. Since the plugin is network activated, where would you recommend placing the filter (ie the theme’s function.php file is not applicable)?

    You can use wp-content/mu-plugins or a little custom plugin, network activated, dedicated for your network customizations.

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    I’ve created a plugin and networked activated, but it doesn’t seem to increase the limit. Please forgive my ignorance in this area. Would you be able to assist?

    add_filter('gadwp_sites_limit', 'filter_gadwp_sites_limit', 1000, 1 );
    // define the gadwp_sites_limit callback 
    function filter_gadwp_sites_limit($int) {
    	return $int;
Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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