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  1. apodtoo
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    I think I made a major mess with Multisite days before we're supposed to launch.

    My URL is http://www.grace-biblechurch.org, however, because we want to keep our old [horrible] website up while the new one is being built, we haven't transferred the domain, so my temporary URL on the new webhost is http://gracebiblechurchorg.mydomain.com. This is the URL/root onto which I installed my network.

    Using subfolders, I created a second site - http://grace-kids.org. None of my links works - they all keep redirecting back to the main site. I can't seem to put http://www.grace-kids.org in the settings because that just redirects me back to my main site.

    I've tried editing my .htaccess file several different ways according to different support threads I've searched. What usually happens is that I then cannot access my Grace Kids admin panel.

    I don't know if this has something to do with the fact that, because I didn't have a www URL on my main site in the beginning, WordPress forced me to use a subdirectory install and then after install, I changed it to subfolders.

    I'm kind of in a full-on panic, tbh.

  2. Using subfolders, I created a second site - http://grace-kids.org.

    I really hope you actually mean 'Using subfolders, I made http://gracebiblechurchorg.mydomain.com/grace-kids and mapped it...'

    Is that right? It really DOES matter.

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