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    I’m using multisite to manage a K-8 school’s website. I’m using an awesome networkwide menu plugin that allows my main menu to appear on each site.

    I noticed that the Jetpack plugin is interfering with this lightweight menu plugin. When Jetpack is active on one of the sub-sites the menu doesn’t load properly and won’t drop down when viewed in IE, Firefox, and Safari (but it oddly works perfectly in Chrome). Any ideas?

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  • It’s probably due to your CSS. Without being able to see your site, I would GUESS that you’re defining your menu with the same classes and IDs as Jetpack.

    I’d rename them to sitename-classname (like ipstenu-menu and so on) to ensure you don’t conflict.

    Thanks for your reply, Ipstenu. Here’s the website in development.

    I tried renaming the subsite’s menus but to no avail. For the time being I’ve simply disabled Jetpack on the subsites (though it works fine on the main site).

    Which menu is it breaking? The black one at the top or the one below the logo?

    The one below the logo. I just reactivated Jetpack on the 1st Grade subsite for testing. Only after reconnecting Jetpack to my account did the conflict occur again. It affects both the menu and the posts, which no longer appear either. Thanks for looking at this!

    With Jetpack activated, try turning OFF the modules you aren’t using (or really all of them). See which one is breaking it.

    I seem to have a similar problem. The top line of the menu worked, but the sub-menus went away. it also seemed to cause some problems with the front page. The theme is Ezekiel.

    After a recent Jetpack update my problem was resolved without me even having to try deactivating the modules (so I’m not certain what caused the conflict).

    We’re gonna call it a Jetpack CSS snafu 😉

    Thanks, Ipstenu – that about sums it up!

    Your moderation on is invaluable!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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