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  • I run a WP multisite (with 2 sites on it), and I am having trouble with one of the sites.
    A lot of the backend is just not functioning — the wysiwyg editors don’t load so I can’t edit the posts, I can’t click on the “Screen Options” and “Help” buttons at the top of the screen, the admin menus on the side don’t pop like they do on the main site, and the Widgets and other things which are usually draggable are not draggable. I also get frequent server timeouts.

    I recently moved the site to a new server, and that is when the problems started happening. I’ve tried the usual steps like disabling all plugins, but it has had no effect at all. Is there some setting that I might be missing which could be causing these problems?

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  • Can you link your site please?

    Have you spoken to your new hosts about the issue which started when you moved to them?


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    The site is

    The problems don’t appear so much on the front-end (thankfully) but they are pretty bad on the backend, and it has become very difficult to update the site, as I can’t even edit posts (I can get to the edit page, but the post never loads in the editor).

    I have contacted the host (Network Solutions) and they just give me what feels like a scripted answer to buy a more expensive-tiered hosting package. The thing is, I don’t believe that, as our site gets a very small amount of traffic, nowhere near enough to be slowing the server down like this. And since it’s just the one site that gets so slow like this, and only in the backend, I think it has something to do with the site’s configuration more than anything else.

    It sounds like a JavaScript issue, where I would normally suggest to try disabling all plugins, but also trying with the default TwentySixteen theme as the active theme.

    If that doesn’t help, have you tried re-uploading your WordPress installation files (excluding the wp-content folder)?

    I inspected your site and I don’t see any major errors within the console.

    Hope this helps.

    Thread Starter Matthew Meyer


    Thanks for taking a look. Disabling the plugins has no effect, and neither does switching back to the original WordPress theme. Re-uploading the WordPress files hasn’t solved the issue either, and on multisite since both sites share the same codebase, it is weird that one site has the issues while the other doesn’t.

    It’s also weird because it’s really only the backend that has the issues and not the front end. The front end maybe seems a bit slow, but in the backend the Javascript menus, editors, and drag-and-drop features like widgets just don’t work at all.

    Thread Starter Matthew Meyer


    Ok, I seem to have figured out a solution, or maybe a workaround.

    I found this site:
    which had a similar issue as mine.

    Adding define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false); to wp-config fixed the problem.

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