• Let me start off saying that this is a review for the Pro version of the plugin (not Lite). I realize that some may feel that this isn’t the appropriate venue, but my feeling is that if the developer is promoting the Pro version here, it is fair to review it here. I also feel that after receiving no response for 6 weeks through their forum, posting here may be the only way to be heard.

    So here’s my review. Let me start out saying that this developer has obviously put a lot of work into this plugin and that the user interface looks great. Having said that though, for me, the product has fallen short in several ways. The first is the plugin’s functionality. I’ve experienced disappearing widgets, information that moves from one widget to another, and friend requests that don’t appear in sub sites. I’ve tried this plugin with multiple themes including all of the WordPress standard themes. I’ve also scoured the web, the plugin’s documentation, and developer forums but have found no answers, which leads to the second issue.

    Although a fair amount of documentation exists on some features, other features seem to have none. For example, I still haven’t been able to find any documentation about how to create or modify modules or any information about resolving the issues I am experiencing with friend requests running multisite. Again, there is a forum that is supposed to provide support, but my questions as well as many others never get addressed and when they do, I have found the answers are mostly short, nonspecific, or marked private.

    My hope is that the developer will contact me and try to help me resolve these issues. I will be happy to update this review, should this become the case.

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    Thank you for your rating.

    I’m very sorry to hear about the issue you’ve been experiencing with the plugin.

    Although, we try to make the documentation clear sometimes we might miss some features. I’m sorry about that and you can be sure we will improve it.

    Of course, we would like to help you. Please contact us here https://usersultra.com/contact.php.

    We will check your issue ASAP


    Here’s a quick follow-up to my original review. The plugin author did contact me with a short answer but unfortunately did not at all address my question about friend requests not functioning properly. I posted an immediate reply, both on the forum and via email, to make sure that the author understood the nature of the problems, but again haven’t heard a reply.

    Because the author’s response to my original question and concerns were so far off topic, I feel that the plugin author either isn’t interested in helping solve this problem or doesn’t have a solution. In either case, I’m very disappointed about the lack of support and response. I don’t expect much at this point but I’ll keep updating everyone about the status and/or any changes.

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    Thank you for your update.

    Please send us your username on WP when contacting us so we can identify your email. We couldn’t find your email.

    That will help us to identify you and take care of your issue.
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Can’t get support.

    Well, I wish I could report that support for Users Ultra Pro suddenly improved or even appeared. Sadly, it has not, which is very disappointing. I am confident that the plugin developer will reply to this post again, only to ask again that I contact him (with credentials, etc). Unfortunately though, that’s as far as it goes, as he never responds any further. It’s like a big game of cat and mouse, the end result being that I never receive any support. For this reason, I sadly can not recommend purchasing the pro version of this plugin.

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