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  1. Jim R
    Posted 4 years ago #

    My URL is http://hoosierhoopsreport.com.
    I set up blog via multisite with the address of http://hhm.hoosierhoopsreport.com.
    I also have domain mapping, with the URL pointing at it as http://hoosierhoopsmagazine.com.

    I know that's all working up that point, and I have a couple of other blogs with their domain mapped. Also of note, I'm using PHP Execution plugin so I can run PHP code on my Pages, mainly using includes.

    One of my hhm Pages has within PHP tags:


    That file is not showing up. It's been uploaded via FTP, and I see it in my file manager. I do all my back end coding and custom MySQL queries on regular PHP files then access them with INCLUDES. It's easier to make changes.

    What pathway should I be using?

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