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multisite issue with new subscribers (6 posts)

  1. VFHwebdev
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm running about 7 websites off one multi-site WP installation. The site is configured to use subdomains for each site, but those are then masked using the domain mapper plugin (not sure that matters).

    I'm having a problem related to user account creation. When a user with an account on a sub-site tries to reset their password, the login link they are emailed is for the parent site. In most cases they don't have an account on the parent site so they get an error.

    So a subscriber on site1.myblogs.org forgets their password and uses the login screen to request a new one, they are emailed a link to reset their password at http://myblogs.org/login.php

    Is there some place in the configuration I can change that for each site?

  2. Currently you can't change this -it's default behavior. Users are global in the entire network, and profiles are managed off the main site (or another site on the network, but still one site for all users).

  3. VFHwebdev
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Yikes! Thanks for letting me know, but that's actually a real problem for me.

    Users who subscribe to one of my sites have probably never even heard of the others. When they try to recover their password they get really confused because they're directed to a site they know nothing about and don't have any links to get them back to some place familiar.

    If a user has a site defined as their "primary" site, is there any way to make that their default link for things like password recovery?

  4. Built in? No.

    It works like wordpress.com. you pretty much know you're signed in there.

  5. VFHwebdev
    Posted 5 years ago #

    The experience this creates for subscribers is as if they've created an account on ebay.com and are then redirected to apple.com to reset their password. It doesn't make any sense.

    I can't imagine I'm the only person this would be a problem for. Anyone using WP multisite with a required login on any of their sites would run into this.

    I think all it would take is in the email that wp-login.php creates, rather then send a password reset link to the main site defined by the admin at installation, it sends a reset link to the users primary site.

    Perhaps this can be done via a plugin, but it seems like the default WP behavior doesn't really make sense and should be changed.

  6. Patches welcome. :)

    Like I said above - it works like wordpress.COM. If you're ever been on techcrunch, for example, you'll see the login bar from wp.com.

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