• We are attempting to use Vimeography on our multisite (sub-domain) install. Everything works beautifully on the primary blog. From an admin perspective, all behaves well and it displays great.

    For the other blog, on the admin side it behaves very odd. First, I am able to add new themes and see them appear in the My Themes section. When you are editing a Gallery and you save changes like width, they do not have an impact. In addition, I can tell that the theme is not being applied when viewing from the admin view (or on the page when included via shortcode). The “Appearance” tab at the is completely non-responsive to clicking/selecting and does not present any options as it does on the main blog.

    I have attempted to install and only activate for one blog as well as install and globally activate, with a full cleanup of the database in between, but to no avail. Any suggestions on how I could further troubleshoot?


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  • Plugin Author Dave Kiss


    From what I hear, multisite users have success uploading the themes into each wp-content/blog.dir/99/files folder. See if this helps you out at all and keep me posted.


    Hi Dave,

    I have the bugsauce theme uploaded to the wp-content/uploads/sites/[siteID]/vimeography-themes/ folder. I don’t have a blog.dir folder in my multisite install.

    There are still issues. It sees the theme but does not apply it to the video channel correctly. The width I enter is ignored and when I click “Appearance” in the edit video screen nothing happens.



    PS – You also have to upload the vimeography-assets folder to the site uploads folder.

    Working now.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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