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    I’m trying to set up a multisite through subfolders. ( I have it working, however the new site does not read any templates and looks like its broken and the css styling is not right.

    This is a sandbox I want to create:
    That site i’m trying to create so I can have my employees go in and use it to test out theme coding with this special platform we bought for the company. However the multisite isn’t working. I installed it exactly how it was supposed to be by adding the necessary coding for the config file and the htaccess. Is there somethign else that is wrong with it?

    Previously I tried to install the multisite with a subdomain but of course my hosting doesnt support it so I changed that line of coding to false instead of true. Now it works it just isn’t reading the themes styling AND the user cannot login to his dashboard so he can tweak it.

    Any ideas?

    I would much appreciate it.

    Adam B

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  • sorry Here is the link to the site I want to work:

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    however the new site does not read any templates and looks like its broken and the css styling is not right.

    The htacess is not being read properly. contact your webhost support.

    It’s all down to server settings.

    Interesting, okay i’ll take a look. Unfortunately, this webhost is being ran by a new company. I’ll have to try my best to get a hold of someone.

    Would you have any recommendations or thoughts of to settings or would you not know much about the htaccess and servers? I’m using CPanel (like usual)

    Thanks for your help.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Apache may need to have
    AllowOverride FileInfo Options
    added to the httpd.confg.

    yeah, had to fix this a lot. 😉 no, you can’t fix it from cpanel.

    Hey, actually I just figured it out. I was stupid, you helped me though.

    It was because there were to .htaccess files, I didn’t go deeper into the hirearchy and modify the .htaccess for wordpress. I have another file working with another site.

    It was modifying the right .htacess file which did it.

    You sparked my memory.


    *It was because there were two .htaccess files. I didnt realize there were two until I started going depper into the files. I’m new to “filezilla” the ftp program, usually I just go into the cpanel and the actual files from there.

    I had to find the correct one. Because of working with two different sites.

    having promblem with enalbe muti-site software
    downloaded it main domain works fine by sub domains are not please help thanks

    Some hosting companies don’t allow subdomains to work automatically via multisite… Usually, if you want a subdomain you have to go into your cpanel and create a new database and user and make it a subdomain. Then install wordpress like you did with your hosting co.

    The natural extension you can use for multisite is use subfolders. To do that you do the following:
    To take it off there is a code where it defines if you want to use subdomain, instead of false you put true. This is the extensive coding in your config file your supposed to place.

    If you want to use it in subdomains like and create multisites from there, you should be able to do what you did previously. I believe there are several different .htaccess files that control your subdomains and main. Find which .htaccess file it is and enter the correct coding.

    What did you do to create your multisite in sub?

    i did not do anything please tell me want i should do

    Well, you yhave to login to your hosting service, find your subdomain files and find the wp-config just like you would with your main domain. You follow all the steps you would with your main domain but in your subdomain folder.

    i dont have sub domain files and do i have to install wordpress into all my sub domains

    i have Just Host For My Hosting you kown if they allow multi-sites
    and can you recommend a hosting site that do?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    You’ll have to ask then if they support wildcard subdomains.

    read the first part of this:

    thanks Andrea_r
    this info is HUGE!! i’ll ask them

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