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    I have set up wordpress multisite at (don’t laugh, it is work in progress), the idea is to have sub blogs for each game. The main page is going to show exceprts of the subdomains, this is all working fine. Thanks for the help I have gotten so far.

    My old domain is and I would like to keep that domain, but show its excerpts at I have exported the doamin and imported it under But since exists for so long (created the site 1996) I would like to keep it.

    Basically like this:

    Does this run under domain mapping aswell? Or can I just create the blog under’s network admin?

    Thanks for reading,


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  • Sure.

    Make a subsite on (subdomain or subfolders, don’t matter).

    Copy all the posts over.

    Map to that subsite.

    Have a beer 🙂

    Ok, wasn’t sure if that would work … read something about 301 redirections, but basically that is not needed since it would be the same site, right?

    Thanks for the help.

    You don’t need a 301 in this case, since you’re going to re-point the domain to the new location. You’d need a 301 if you were going to keep or something as the new ‘default’ URL.

    Ok, thanks. I’ll let you know how it ended.

    I just find the Multisite documentation somewhat complicated to read. But as I understood there have been recently some changes with the last few wordpress versions, so I understand that.

    In general I prefer a step by step guide for a few cases than 1 guide trying to cover all at once. It is bound to end up much more complicated than necessary. This is not a critique on wordpress, or the great support I am getting in this forum, more a suggestion for future updates 🙂

    There are always changes between version 😉 The multisite changes havent had any affect on your ability to do this.

    I recall someone had a tutorial about it but I can’t find it.

    Hah! Actually it was super easy.

    All that was left was basically the mapping. Had to deselect all options, in Domain Mapping Configuration, add SiteID & URL and check as primary.

    Worked right away, hesitated a bit before doing it, years of work and I had to delete the old stuff first prior testing sinc eboth domains ran on the same system with plesk 😀

    Yeah that final cut over is always terrifying.

    Glad it worked as easy as it should!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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