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  • Hello,

    I´ve tried to install the WordPress Multisite with WP 3.5.1 several times now. My steps
    – Read the Multisite installation instructions and credentials
    – Followed all the steps required from the Multisite installation
    – On an already installed WordPress
    – On a Brand new installation

    I am using:
    – Windows Server 2008 Web
    – IIS 7.5.x
    – NO HTACCES -> i use web.config files
    – MYSQL 5.x
    – WP 3.5.1 (installed and for the new also)
    – Domain with wildcard although wildcard is not supported by IIS as far as i’ve been reading.
    – RDP access to the server with of course administrator rights.

    I will first describe what happens with already installed:
    – After installation the blog was not shown, the website shows the “new website registration page”
    – So i read my way around on forums, all sort of topics trying several solutions for the issue that seems to happen much more often. Nothing worked out for me. (NOBLOGREDIRECT and such)

    So i read again and than found out that while IIS doesn’t handle wildcards (only for the * without domain name to it) i could try my luck with subdirectories.
    – that resulted in the same issue, directed to the new site registration form
    – when using the form in both situations a new site was not created and no folders also.

    In both situations when i grabbed my web.config file and set multisite to false the blog loaded normally…

    i did above steps several times.

    Than i installed a total fresh installation on a single domain newly created from WebsitePanel without anything on it. Using shared or dedicated application pool.
    Started now with subfolder installation but that provides me all the time with a blank page. I tried the NOBLOGREDIRECT solution i found but it didn’t change any. None of the web.config files posted by other users or other solutions did solve any.

    Since i really want to get it going with the Multisite on My Windows Machine with IIS i am desperately looking for some proper advice. I tried the Bitnanny installer but that wants to set me up with apache an di don’t want that.

    I wonder why there is no install for a fresh install with Multisite from scratch.

    I also wonder if it is really possible to install Multisite on Windows IIS7.5 without having htaccess module. And what other credentials should i take care with? Are there except from URL Rewrite (yeh and PHP) other required modules?

    by the way URL Rewrite is activated and works just fine for other applications on both PHP and ASP.

    A big thanks in advance for the person helping me out…

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