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  • Good evening. I installed the WP multisite, 3.81., about 1 1/2 wks. ago. Even now, I’ve added 4 sites but only one shows, which is the original site, New Dispensation Websites []. On the menu at the top left w/the key, it shows 2 of the blogs, but if I select it, I get an error page saying that Google can’t find it. ALSO – on the Dashboard, they don’t exist, either. The one that does, has limited Dashboard features, i.e., the Tools menu and other menus aren’t there, so I can’t import my other sites into their respective new locations. It’s a mess, can someone please help?

    Finally – I had installed Bitnami on my local box, to have a way to play w/the sites prior to launching in prime time. Unfortunately, Bitnami will only run Multisite on Port 80, and although I was able to open Port 80 [i.e., removed Microsoft stuff not in use], I don’t know how to move the existing site from Port 8080 to Port 80. I’ve created the beginning of a BBPress forum there, and don’t want to erase and re-create it.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  • Sun. 02/23/2014 @12:36 am – This issue is still not resolved; is there anyone reading this stuff?



    Not an answer to the first part of you question…but in relation to the second…

    isn’t changing ports in the wordpress front end controlled by changing the URL:Port in dashboard>settings>General>’WordPress Address’ and also ‘Site Address’?


    im also imagining you would need to consider the mysql database and php configurations too…although i havent looked into this.

    In fact, it shouldn’t be any different to moving your site to a new URL (see wordpress codex You are staying on the same server, but you are changing URL so look at that description in the codex

    Oh i almost forgot…

    I am not a fan of Bitnami Stacks and Digital Ocean droplets…However, they are a relatively trouble free way of getting up and running very fast.

    Just my opinion, but one really needs to learn the mechanics of LAMP servers and wordpress so that basic problem solving becomes second nature. Otherwise, you become reliant on paying others for even the most basic of tasks!

    I have been playing around with lamp servers and virtual boxes on my static ip address here at home now for about 2 months (a few hours each day)…its a huge learning curve (my wife is a “computer tragic’s” widow, and i have consumed lots of cups of tea and biscuits), however, the results are now starting to pay off.

    ps, i agree with you about the “is anyone reading this” issue…that is why i hate blogs!!! Give me a properly structured forum any day!

    same problem can’t see the dashboard from new sites

    Thurs. 04/10/2014, 2 months later:

    Adamjedgar, thanks for your advice. However, since I wrote that in February, I found out [from Bitnami’s tech support] how to add the addresses in the HOSTS file. I’m still trying to figure out why
    Chrome won’t recognize the other blogs, and why the Dashboards only come up with partial options, rather than the whole enchelada. For instance, the Themes that I’ve saved are in the network theme list, ‘network enabled,’ but not in the individual blog’s Theme section. Therefore, only the primary site has a Theme. The 2nd [erased the others, they aren’t working] has a Theme menu, but nothing’s there. And, if I try to ‘view,’ Chrome says it doesn’t exist.

    I looked in the directories [folders] to make the suggested changes for the Bitnami version; easy to find, they were local. My site, however, is hosted by GoDaddy. The directories it said in which the files to modify reside wasn’t there. Still looking.

    Finally, Adam, for the record – my first website was in ’95, created w/raw HTML. Then, FrontPage was invented the following year. Bottom line – it worked much easier. Now, we have CSS and its cousins, and the learning curve is a little longer. I personally think it’s in the explanation. I was told, change the HOSTS file; but at that time, no one said where it was. Does that make sense?

    And thank you for your response.

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