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  1. JameyLaroche
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am about to start production on a multisite and I have a question.

    The website I will be replacing with a multisite already exists. So I cannot build the site in it's final location. I would have to build it somewhere else and once it is done, move it over.

    From what I've read, moving a multisite can be a real pain. So if possible, I'd like to avoid it.

    Is there any options besides building the website locally (or another server) and then move it to it's final location afterwards? Could I not build the site somewhere and then point the domain to it's new location?

    I'm a bit old school and new to WordPress so a lot of this is new to me. How would you proceed? What would you do in my case? Attempt the move or if there some option I don't know of?

    Any help would rock!

  2. Moving Multisite is not easy, and yes, I would always avoid it, but when you CANNOT, it's actually straightforward.

    Read https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress#Moving_WordPress_Multisite

    You can build it off-site, use the script to search/replace the domain, and move it over.

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