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  1. crippaandrea
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello to all,
    I want to try a multisite installation with subdomains.

    My site is running at http://www.crippaandea.it , and as far as i know if I want to turn on "multisite", I need to have wordpress url and site address at address crippaandrea.it.

    Now I need to be sure that , after installation, I can continue to have http://www.crippaandrea.it configured and running with my actual blog .... is this possible ? What I need to do for having that ?

    Excuse my english !!!!

    Crippa Andrea

  2. Yes :)

    These are the directions: http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

  3. crippaandrea
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ahahah ... you haven't replied to my question.

    I've read the post and follow the instruction .... My question is : After the creation of the multisite wordpress I've got the main site at crippaandrea.it (without www.)

    How to configure multisite to have http://www.crippaandrea.it as the original wordpress blog ?

    Thanks in advance !!!!

  4. You shouldn't. Multisite works much better without it.

  5. crippaandrea
    Posted 4 years ago #

    What do you mean with ... "work better without it" ?

    Now i've got more link in google cache ... all this link are in format : http://www.crippaandrea.it/etc.etc.etc.

    If I loose www, i've got more and more 404 error .....

    Alternatively, can I install a new fresh multisite, configure the additional www. as new additinal site and perform a restore of my actual site in the www. multisite ?

  6. It just works better. Trust me on this one. You will have fewer issues when upgrading if you leave it alone. Redirecting to www can cause subdomains to act funny.

    If I loose www, i've got more and more 404 error .....

    No you shouldn't. A properly designed web server redirects http://www.crippaandrea.it/ to http://crippaandrea.it/

    http://crippaandrea.it/category/mhvtl/ and http://www.crippaandrea.it/category/mhvtl/ are the same. By the way, your site uses www not and redirects to it if you use non-www. Though it's very slow.

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