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    when i did my original multisite setup, i chose ‘subdomain’. this was a fatal mistake.

    turns out GoDaddy (and apparently many other hosts) don’t support subdomains. i even had a GoDaddy support person on the line who talked me thru how to reconfigure the DNS portion of the setup, but apparently he was unaware of the pitfall, too.

    i tried to reverse the process by downgrading to 2.9.2 and then reinstalling 3.0 with a backed up version of the DB. but some part of that didn’t work – either the backedup 2.9 version of the DB was overwritten or the GoDaddy mySQL setup keeps the 3.0 setup info regardless.

    in any event, i can’t reverse the process and so can’t get past a screen that tells me a ‘network has already been setup’ and that to undo it i need to “empty or remove the network database tables”.

    removing the tables would be fine, but i’m not sure exactly what that means. on this page they show a whole list of tables related to multisite:

    i know how to delete the tables via phpMyAdmin, but i am not sure if i am supposed to delete all of these tables, certain of these tables, or even certain fields within them.

    can anyone give me more precise info as to what needs to be removed?

    my concern is that i don’t want to lose my original blog posts and comments. these look to be safely held in wp_posts table, but i don’t want to alter/delete settings in the multisite tables that renders these posts useless.

    thanks for your help.

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    Or if you want to keep MultiSite and use Subfolders, there’s a line in wp-config.php that references SubDomains. Change it to false.

    ok, thank you for the tip.

    that line was already there as ‘false’.

    but you gave me some juice to fiddle with it a bit more – and now it is working! yay!

    the problem was that i had created a couple of test sites as subdomains. these were still there and screwing things up causing some apache errors.

    i deleted those subdomain sites and that seems to have cleared up the errors and now the subdirectory testsite is launching properly.

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