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  • Steve Ryan


    Hello everyone:

    Wanted to know if this was possible and how to go about it?
    I have a WordPress network of sites installed and running smoothly in the root directory of my web server. (/public_html)

    I know also want to install a completely separate WordPress site in a folder in that same directory. (/public_html/other-wordpress). I have followed the steps to get it up and running, and it’s working totally fine. But the last step is to assign the “other-wordpress” site it’s own domain. Tried altering the Site URL in wp-admin/options-general.php, and it will make the home page show up fine. But moving the .htaccess and index.php files to the root directory as suggested in the codex is going to overwrite the network settings… wondering if there’s a combined .htaccess and index.php method for organizing the sites this way.

    Thanks for your help!

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  • shirazdrum


    It’s called add-on domain. Ask your host.

    Steve Ryan


    Uhm, thanks, but that’s not really what I was asking about.

    I have the domain set up as an add on domain, and the install of the second WordPress site completed. My question was concerning the step in the install process in which you move your .htaccess file to the root directory. Once I move the file into the root, it’ll overwrite the existing .htaccess file which allows the initial WordPress network to function properly.

    Is there a way in which I could combine both sets of instructions into one file?

    I have the same concern for the index.php file, although I am guessing that if I used both include statements in the file, it would work OK.

    Anyone else ever try to set up WP this way?




    If you are already using an add-on domain with a separate directory, you should have two separate WordPress installations. There’s no need to move your htacess files around, each directory will have its own.

    I think you are confusing yourself, can you link to the codex section that you’re talking about?

    Steve Ryan


    The article I am referring to is Giving WordPress its Own Directory

    Steps 4 and 5 say the following:

    4. Copy (NOT MOVE!) the index.php and .htaccess files from the WordPress directory into the root directory of your site (Blog address).

    5. Open your root directory’s index.php file in a text editor
    Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:
    require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’); to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files: require(‘./wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’);

    Thanks for your help.



    If you have installed your second WordPress in it’s own subdomain ie:
    /public_html/other-wordpress/, the new WordPress installation is already in it’s own directory, and the site address would be, or whatever the new domain is.

    /public_html/other-wordpress/ is the root directory of the new site.

    You don’t need to move or copy anything.

    Steve Ryan


    Guys, thanks for your help with this.

    I understand that the root directory for the other site would be /public_html/other-wordpress/ and like I said, the install is working fine. If I wanted that site’s URL to be

    …everything would be working as it should. However, the moment I try to follow the instructions within the Codex to change the site URL to its own domain, every page except the home page results in a 500 error, Page Not Found. I also observed that the General Settings page also provided me the code to change my .htaccess manually, since WP couldn’t change it when I tried to update the permalinks. (I tried changing the permissions of both the .htacces file in the directory and in the root to 777 and it didn’t help.)

    Gotta end with the obvious: there’s a glaring warning on that Codex page that says that the technique described wouldn’t work with a network enabled. It didn’t specify why, and it sounded like it was a warning that WP Networks were intended to be hosted within a root of a WP install, and not a sub folder. Wondering if that has anything to do with the problem, but the directory install is a single instance of WP only (not a network of sites).


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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