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  • I think it might be really hard to do and I may not avoid doing some core changes, but first I want to ask here.

    I have my ruby on rails application at – I want to use wordpress mu as blogs engine (this is part of website concept) using subdomains ( etc) but wordpress can’t be at directly because there have to be my rails app. Is it possible to run wordpress in something like but catch subdomains in * (as I said, I’m aware that I may have to dig into the wordpress core) or is it completely impossible?

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  • If you’re real good at apache and vhosts and all, maybe. I think somewhere, someone did that by faking domain mapping, but the issue is that WordPress really doesn’t like running out of a subfolder like that when it comes to Multisite. Also Apache doesn’t like it…

    You MAY be better off installing in and having subsites be and so on. And THEN mapping to … But that’s theory.

    Thx for reply.

    I think that your idea have sense. I didn’t thought of as blogs center for entire network. I’m good at apache, nginx, and all this load-balancing and HA stuff so it shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’m getting tired of this project and this solution which you mention didn’t appear (unfortunately) in my mind probably because of this.

    It is soooo easy to get locked into one view 🙂 Don’t worry. And let us know if it works!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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