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  • Hello,

    I have created a multisite website setup with around 70 micro site and 1 main site.
    Initially I have used Multisite Clone Duplicator to duplicate all settings,themes,plugins etc from one site to another, but now after creating all multisites ,when I have to do some change
    I have to change them manually in all 70 sites(which takes lot of time).
    Is there any smart way or alternative to copy any single plugin settings and widgets from one multisite to another or Plugin settings can be done once for all multisites. Does WPMU subscription provide any plugin for same, If yes,Which plugin can be used.

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  • I offer a couple ways to override or update an option on every site:

    Both require a bit of courage and precision to use snippets willy-nilly – practice in a sandbox first.

    First, a pre_option snippet so plugin settings do not go to db at all on sub sites:

    wpmu_upgrade_site is a nice hook to send a mu-plugin snippet through every blog once, too.

    function my_option_updates( $blog_id ) {
    update_blog_option( $blog_id, $option, $value ) ?>
    add_action( 'wpmu_upgrade_site', 'my_option_updates' );

    When you click “Upgrade Sites” in the network backend this hook will fire on each blog one after the other till it does them all.

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    I am not able to understand this answer properly.
    For example if I have to add forms for all gravity forms for all multisite,
    how Can I be able to do them with these hooks

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