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  1. AltTab
    Posted 3 years ago #

    First, i am having a heck of a time trying to create a WP dev system w/out having to do a bunch of manual actions that could end up in user error. I am in early to mid stages of dev'ing a wpmu site in subfolders with about 12-15 subfolders-sites. I currently host at Godaddy's Ultimate Grid and was thinking of moving the site to a host that has a one button "Staging Area" for better development and deployment(dev'in on a live site behind a splash page)...

    In all reality GD hasn't been all that bad but unless someone has a better idea on how to do version control over at GoDaddy with a Sub Domain or something, we might pony up the $100 for WPEngine, which has the one button staging and deployment..

    So, I took a look at some WordPress Centric hosting with "Staging Area" included:
    WPEngine = $100 for WPMS ouch
    Page.ly $149 for WPMS ouch
    Zippykid..wont touch WPMS
    BlogDroid=$25 but i cant ever get a hold of them..i like them but..
    SiteGround $29 Semi Dedicated with Staging..very cool.

    We took the bait on SiteGround, but after setting things up over there and trying to create my first "Staging" site, which is copy of our live content, we were told that our DB Table size exceeded 350 ..we are currently at close to 400. They raised it to 500 for us but I am worried that we will quickly exceed that b/c the site isn't even fully dev'd yet. Aaand of course they would then want us to move to a VPS @ $60-80 p/month once the site reached the 500 DB table size.

    Any ideas would be great..another host that has some "Staging" included or a easy system at GD..backupbuddy from subdomain to live?

  2. AltTab
    Posted 3 years ago #

    really no replies...wow

    Update..Was looking at Siphonlabs but it looks like they have deprecated their WordPress Cloud Dev and Production stuff..

    Anyone out there use ServerPress for Multisite staging / dev / sandbox???

  3. Patrick Nommensen
    Multisite Master
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Mark Jaquith did a talk at WCSF about this topic yesterday. Keep checking WordPress.TV because it should be posted soon.

  4. AltTab - There was no reply because you've got a VERY complex question going on here and you didn't atually give us all the info we would need :)

    i am having a heck of a time trying to create a WP dev system w/out having to do a bunch of manual actions that could end up in user error.

    Forget ALL about the hosting.

    What's the dev system setup?

    What are you having to do manually?

  5. tszabo
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I've been doing the same research and am also looking for managed WP hosting with staging area (VPS too).

    I also almost fell for SiteGround's deceiving sales tactic (one salesperson said he was "positive" I would be fine on their cheaper GoGeek shared hosting plan, but after pressing another one hard, they said I would need the more expensive Cloud plan).

    BlogDroid was bought out by Pagely.

    Any other suggestions (that are more cost effective than WP Engine, Pagely, and SiteGround, so under $50/month)?

  6. Patrick Nommensen
    Multisite Master
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @tszabo -- The best answer would probably be to try them out and find what best meets your needs...your mileage may vary.

    These types of topics tend to morph into advertisements and reviews which isn't exactly the goal of WP Support Forums. Rather than talking about specific providers, perhaps the community can help you figure out the best approach to developing/staging/deploying, etc, based on clearly defined needs.

    (Open a new topic for yourself).

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