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    I have a multisite set up with a total of three sites, each with their own domain (not subdomain).

    After logging into wp-admin on the main site (the one that is used by the network admin) and trying to go to the dashboards of the other two sites, I get the cookies-not-enabled error message.

    After much googling and trying things that didn’t work, I added the following to wp-config:

    define('COOKIE_DOMAIN', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );

    Now I can log in to the other two dashboards — but that’s the problem. I have to log in to each dashboard.

    I am a superadmin and added as an admin to all three sites.

    I’ve googled this and I haven’t found any working solutions. Can someone help?

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    This is why I hate multisite. I have no idea what’s wrong, and have tried all the solutions I’ve been able to find, and nothing has worked.

    If each site is a separate domain, then you cannot have your WP session shared across all the sites. This is because of how cookies behave. It would be a security risk if browsers allowed a domain to set cookies on another domain; and a domain cannot read the cookies of another domain.

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    Thank you most sincerely for the reply.

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