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  1. davehprohoods
    Posted 1 year ago #

    I was having a problem with domains showing up as a sub-domain to the main site for our users in admin, which caused some confusion and irritation. I stumbled upon a hack that appears to fix it without even having to use the domain mapping plugin, but I'm not sure of the downsides of it yet, if any.

    I changed one line in wp-config first:


    then after I set up the sites (I'm required to type them in as the sub-domain without the .com), I go back into Network Admin > Sites and change the Domain field to the .com version... everything works hunky-dory. Everybody can log into admin from their sites and the URL never shows improperly. I never installed the domain mapping plugin. One thing I've noticed is if I'm super-admin, I still have to log into each site as the super admin, which is fine with me.

    Can anyone tell me what the downsides of doing it this way are? I'm still running on a test install.

  2. I would use the domain mapping plugin.

    Changing the site and home URLs can cause weird issues with other plugins, or worse, break internal processes. One of the people who ported WPMU into Multisite wrote the domain mapping plugin, and I trust him to have a good reason.

  3. davehprohoods
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Well, the problem is, he didn't code it to show the proper URL for our users across the different sites. They are only supposed to see their site, not the base site with their site as a sub-domain. Because it seems possible to program it properly, I don't trust that there was a good enough reason to do it that way. I'd love to see where there actually will be a problem, because I haven't seen one yet and this seems to clear up a few problems already.

  4. Yeah, I remember your insistance that showing the 'wrong' URL in 'my sites' was bad


    You never explained WHY this was bad in a way I could understand :/

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