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    Running multisite; new site: WP 3.4.1

    1) Installed Gravity Forms plugin via Network Admin
    2) Installation shows in Plugin Directory:
    3) “Network Activate” Button shows
    4) Hit Network Activate Button
    5) Shows: “Register your copy of Gravity Forms to receive access to automatic upgrades and support. “
    6) I have a license key
    7) Hit “Register” link
    8) Error: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”
    9) Error happens on “

    What am I missing? I have installed this plugin on other network sites with no error or permissions problem.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Two likely possibilities.

    1) You’re using a different theme in the main site of this network and it’s conflicting (test- switch to 2011)

    2) It’s conflicting with another plugin (turn off all the others)



    Nice try Mika, but it didn’t work.

    This is what I’ve done to test your solution:
    1) Changes themes in main and sub sites to 2011. (even tried 2010)
    2) Disabled all plug ins in main and sub sites
    3) Deleted Gravity Forms from Network Admin
    4) Cleared Cache
    5) Logged out – Logged back in; Switched to Network Admin
    6) Plugins> Reinstalled Gravity using their zip file from the plugins upload menu
    7) From network Admin Plugins page: Network Activated GF
    8) GF shows as an installed Plugin with Register message reading:
    “Register your copy of Gravity Forms to receive access to automatic upgrades and support. “
    9) On clicking the “Register” link, the identical error message is produced:
    “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” (same error on the same page url).

    Since it’s a new site, I could do a complete reinstall with a new database. But, I would prefer to find the solution, as I don’t know if it would happen again.

    Thanks for the first round attempt,


    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Said likely 😉

    Anyway, given that Gravity Forms is a pay-wall product (i.e. not one you can grab for free from .org), you’ll have to go ask them –

    (They’re dual licensed, for anyone who wonders. Code is GPL, images/css is not. Technically, yes, you can edit their code and turn off the license check, but I suspect you’d lose the auto-upgrades and support you’re paying for, which is in their right.)




    Thanks. I’ve been messaging them back and forth for a couple of days and we did figure it out. But I still have some questions as to what happened and why their fix worked.

    They provided a link to: to replace the error message page. I went their directly, put in my license and it registered on the whole network fine. We just got it done, so it’s solved. I’ll close the ticket giving you the opportunity to help me understand what happened.

    Carl Hancock at GF (by the way, they are great; excellent support; I’ve had it for two years; absolutely the best) said that:
    “Gravity Forms will not show up on individual sites of a Multi-Site configured WordPress install unless it is network activated OR unless an admin selectively activates it on specific sites.

    “You cannot enter your license key and configure the Gravity Forms site settings from the Network Admin because the Network Admin is NOT a site. It’s a special admin area that isn’t itself a “site” in WordPress.

    “The Gravity Forms Settings where you enter your license key are site specific. The data is stored in the wp_options table for that site. The Network Admin is NOT a site and does not have it’s own wp_options data.

    “For this reason you need to either network activate Gravity Forms or activate Gravity Forms on specific sites and THEN you must enter the Gravity Forms license key on the Gravity Forms Settings page of each individual site…”

    But, I’ve found differently. I have a number of network sites. All installed, activated and registered GF through the Network Administration area. Once registered there, all subsites have GF as a WP Dashboard item called “Forms”. There is NO area in the subsites under Plugins that shows the GF in the menu OR any way to install a plugin from the sub site.

    What am I missing here? Carl sent over a url for the page to get the license activated, but that page never came up without the …/network/… in the url when I attempted registration on the one Plugins page that showed GF, the one on Network Admin>Plugins. That was where the problem was. Every time I hit the register button, I got the error result with …/network/.. in it.

    I still don’t get it. I was hoping you might have some idea.

    Thanks again for your help

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    As I don’t have their code to look at, I’m shooting blind.

    It’s pretty easy to write a plugin that you can’t register network wide. We’re you, maybe, using a plugin to manage plugin settings network wide?



    I wasn’t using a network wide plugin manager. I’m thinking of using WPMU DEV’s “New Blogs Template” Plugin to generate standard prepopulated sites, but haven’t tested it yet.

    But, just have to be happy it’s working; that I know what to do for future network sites when I need it if it does the same thing; and, put it down as one of those mysteries in code like in I Robot.

    Thanks for your help on the other issue,


    I did a search on Google on registering Gravity forms and multi site. This thread came up.

    As I installed the plugin and did a Network Activation of it on my multi site. I tried to register it there, but a blank screen came up. Also tried the link you – Hunter mentioned above with no success.
    Went to a sub site but it was not visible in the plugins area.
    Went back to the Admin Network deactivated the Network activate.
    Went back to a sub site and activated Gravity Forms and registered the plugin.
    Went back to Admin Network and did a Network Activation of the plugin.

    Thanks for posting Hunter. It helped me to get the plugin registered. Now I just need to figure out the next step. I wonder if I can copy a form across the network….?

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