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  • mirioki02


    I’m currently running a single installation WordPress and I want to provide multilingual options for my site’s users. I’ve looked through a few forums and tried various plugins and it seems that the most flexible way is to create a multisite to set each sub-site’s language.

    I would prefer network-wide database sharing ie. Users, posts, page should be same/similar across sites. I found some plugins that could achieve this such as Multisite User Management, Multilingual Press.

    I would to know whether this would a valid reason to go for a multisite WordPress or is it better to stay with single installation instead? Is there a better way to create a multilingual site?

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  • See this post :

    The author has experimented the design of plugins in both single and network multilingual installations.

    The better way: adapt your technical approach to your content strategy (and today authoring and maintenance…)




    I’ve tried plugins catering for multilingual such as qTranslate, xili-language but it doesn’t seem to fully fulfill my requirements.

    I dislike the implementation of qTranslate that adds data into my database. After I tried that plugin, I needed to delete all the additional tags that were added by the plugin.

    I quite prefer xili-language but the issue that I have with it is that my current theme has page template that uses the slug eg. page-slug.php. Since two pages cannot have the same slug, the template cannot be applied. Would it work if I change those pages into custom template instead?

    As for multisite, in the long run, I think the maintenance would be quite troublesome.

    rizwan neermaarga


    Even am also facing same mirioki02’s problem…
    Is there not a simple way of achieving this without the use of Plugins?

    I would like to know whether this would a valid reason to go for a multisite WordPress OR is it better to stay with single installation instead?

    Is there a better way to create a multilingual site???

    I appreciate to hear any opinion/suggestion related to my question!

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    No, there’s not a way without plugins, unless you want to do it manually.

    Multisite is intended for multiple, separate, sites.



    I am using qTranslate at the moment and contemplating to switch to multisite later.

    The advantages of qTranslate:
    – you can easily share data between languages, you save space
    – quicker site update in more languages at the same time

    The disadvantages of qTranslate:
    – questionable support in the future
    – some functions are still missing

    I think WordPress should offer a good multilanguage solution out of the box. Multisite is good, but it’s more space-consuming and takes more time to update the different language versions totally separately.



    I’m still testing more plugins so that I can still keep the single installation since I would prefer the different languages uses the same database tables.

    Multisite is able to do what I want but like weigertj said, multisite takes more effort and time to update.

    About features for pages (slug and template association), know that free xili-language is pluggable for pro or specific CMS solutions, so two solutions:

    1. You do the plug / add-on yourself. and why not publish some results to thanks the core work…

    2. You contact the author via the support in settings or in and after an analysis step, he can provide an offer based on quotation according time and hour/rate.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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