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  • I know you get this all the time, I saw 1-2 in these very forums but they don’t really answer my questions. I have read through Before_You_Create_A_Network and I’m still on the fence.

    I currently have 3 WordPress sites that I run. 2 are for my own site, I may add more later but for now I have my main site and another site on a sub-domain of my main site. They have different content and goals. My main site is mainly my own blog. I don’t plan to generate a log of traffic there right away. My second site has been up for 2-3months and already gets about 7 views a day (great IMO). I may add more sites like the sub-domain site down the road (Like the way has sister sites.) Most of the sites will share a forum with categories for each site, I would like universal logins, I am using WP-Unite right now.

    The third site I run is for another person who is doing their own thing and I just admin their blog and help them when needed. I might have a few more of those coming.

    So should I look into multisite or not?

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  • I use multisite for a similar setup, but without WP-Unite. I don’t find multisite much of an advantage, but it has not caused any serious problems either. Setting it up initially was hampered by misinformation in this forum, in the Codex, and in WordPress itself. It’s more flexible and robust than you might think if you’ve only read about it.

    So do you have/know of a guide that gives better info or shows the proper way to set it up? Or at least some potential pit falls to avoid?

    There’s no single “proper” way. Obviously, if you’re happy to set it up in one of the standard ways, then there’s no problem. But if you’d like it set up in a different way, and you’re scared by warnings you’ve read, I suggest you go ahead anyway and see what happens. I tried contributing to the Codex to correct it, but I’m not certain that problems with the information haven’t crept back in since then.

    kzboy – I wrote WordPress Multisite 101 kind of for that. It touches on the pitfalls.

    Free to download, tip if you like it, but not required 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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