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  • Hi all,

    I’m setting up a WP site with woocommerce offering display and pay in different currencies as well as languages. Woocommerce only allows one currency and other plugins can change the currency displayed but the payment is in the equivalent value of the default currency (through currency exchange)

    I’m struggling with the best option to achieve this. I’m considering doing it under the multisite network option, so that each has its own currency.
    Another option could be either a subdomain or subfolder with template and woocommerce installed as well as other plugins in each domain/folder

    (‘e’ for euro)
    and so on for:
    mysite/bp (british pounds)

    The multisite seems the right option to manage the network.

    So the questions are:
    – should I go with a multisite installation to achieve different currencies in display and payment?

    – Should it be by subdomains or subdirectories?

    – Can the contents of the multisites be shown on the specifically, can the content of the woocommerce in the subdomains/subfolders (ie items in different currencies) be shown on the main domain, ie, can this be done? Any suggestions?
    (this is key so that users come to the site and see the various items, ie: Item 1 = 5 euros; Item 2 = 4 pounds; and be able to fund that amount in the respective currency)

    – Can this be achieved by puling the database so that the content shown is properly updated?

    What is the best way to go…?
    Suggestions are hugely appreciated.
    Many thanks Joao

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Having the same items in various multisite sub-sites where the only differences are language and currency is not the proper or intended use of multisite. While it’s possible to pull data from various sub-sites into the main site, it’s very inefficient. Having redundant data solely for language and currency variations is inviting a maintenance nightmare down the road. My advice is to abandon the multisite concept for this, it will not work well.

    The various languages can be managed on a single site installation with a multi-lingual plugin. The currency variants should be handled by an existing WooCommerce extension. If you don’t like how the final presentation works, the extension could be customized to fit your desires. This ought to be a more satisfactory solution than trying to create your own solution through redundant data.

    Thread Starter jpsarmento


    Thanks for the sound advice bcworkz

    To clarify..,. it is not to have the same items but different ones, ie, each country will have their own created by users (it’s a funding site). I was hoping to have the various funding items (from different countries) on the main site.

    Your suggestion “The currency variants should be handled by an existing WooCommerce extension” sounds great and that alone would probably allow one site to handle everything – which is my preferred option.

    so far I only found extensions that deal with various currencies but the payment is always based on currency exchange values around the default currency…so at todays rate, if you’d fund 10 Euros in a French cause, you’d pay 8.88 pounds on check out.. I’d like to avoid that, both for users who fund but also so that payment can be received in the listing’s currency.

    If you can recommend one extension that where visitors can fund in, say, 10 pounds in the UK, or 10 Euros in France, please let me know. I’ve been struggling to find one.

    Moderator bcworkz


    Thanks for clarifying. I developed the wrong mental model of your scheme upon initial read through. With a clearer model, perhaps multisite will be a good fit for you. Subdirectory vs. subdomain is a matter of preference in the eventual URL structure. I tend to prefer subdirectory because IMO it’s a little easier to administer such sites. It’s a little more honest in a way. Subdomains end up being translated internally into virtual subdirectories. I kinda like the directness of going subdirectory to begin with. But there’s nothing wrong with subdomains if that’s what you prefer.

    It’s still inefficient to query multiple subsites to pull their data into the main site. It would be best done with a custom SQL query. Using WP functions to do so would be really really inefficient.

    Thread Starter jpsarmento


    Hi bcwork… and thanks again.

    still looking at the various options. There are plataforms designed in PHP using the Laravel framework that seem to accept the multicurrency. But i’m not familiar with PHP to that extent, so it’s a no-go for me

    I’m reviewing again the multi currency plugin options available in WP, as ideally i’d rather have everything in one site.

    as for your suggestion of a custom SQL query… can you direct me to any link suitable for my case, were i to go with a multisite installation and share the funding pages (done with woocommerce) on the main site?

    txs again

    Moderator bcworkz


    If you are not strong with PHP, WP can be a challenge as well if you need to customize. But if you can get by with default behavior from various plugins, then maybe it doesn’t matter.

    Even the custom SQL will require a little PHP, but you could possibly cobble something together from other resources. The deal with pulling multisite data into a single site is that every site’s product data is stored in its own DB table. The normal way to get other site data is by switching sites one by one (in PHP), getting required data, then switching back to the main site for output. Doing this many times per request is very inefficient.

    Better to use SQL directly to query all the various tables all at once. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any references for how this is accomplished. I’m not even sure myself how to write the SQL. I believe it involves UNION joins is about all I can say about it.

    Thread Starter jpsarmento


    thanks again bcworkz,

    if in your journeys in this or other forums, come across a plugin or method to use SQL directly to query all the various tables all at once, please come back to this post and let me know.

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