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  • I have a WP Multisite network setup with subdomains.

    For purposes of this support request let’s say the primary domain is

    So when I create a new site it gets its own URL of, then I go into its settings and configure that subsite’s “Site Address” to be its proper URL, say

    So we have =

    Going to the full URL works fine. Just as expected. However, I’m finding the subdomain URL does not redirect to the domain configured in “Site Address” for that sub site if accessed and, in some cases, the subdomain URL has been indexed on some search engines.

    Any ideas why it’s not redirecting these automatically and how to get it working as desired?

    Note: I can see the site just fine at the subdomain URL. I simply think if the Site Address is set any access to said subdomain URL should redirect/rewrite to the proper Site Address url.

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    • This topic was modified 2 weeks, 6 days ago by envydev.
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  • Thanks for asking about masking your subdomain URL. Additionally, please make sure to check your .htaccess file. “A”, and if User IPS do not match with assigned IP’s, the user should be redirected to Domain B. My Balance Now You would need to make sure that the files for your website are in the path that you are changing it to​.

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