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  • I have a multisite network activated using wildcard dns and subdomains. I went into the Network Administrator panel and went to the Sites tab. On that page, I clicked on the “Edit” link below one of the site names and changed the subdomain path name (, site ID = 4 ) to the same name as an existing site (, site ID = 6 ). The result was two sites with the same name, (, site ID = 4, and, site ID = 6 )

    WordPress allowed the duplicate subdomain names, keeping the Site ID as the key.

    How can I prevent that, and which site name would be called in the event someone wished to navigate to, site? The site with ID = 4, or the site with ID = 6?

    The second part of the question is curiousity. The important part is how can I prevent this?

    Thanks for any assistance you can give!

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