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    I’m confused. My last multisite installation was when it was WPMU and had been working fine for many years. I recently lost my hosting and moved to a new provider (Godaddy) and installed the newest version of WordPress with wildcard subdomain.

    I have WordPress installed in root as “” and am using Donncha’s MU domain mapping plugin. I have successfully installed several domains “” and “” into the network and they are working fine. Manageable from and accessible from the web as, etc.

    Now of all things, I have run into problems using “” which I added via cpanel and added the site “” in my network.

    I can access it through “visit site” through the network dashboard just fine. Everything looks great. But when I try to access it through the web as “” I get a 403 Forbidden error. I have obviously made some mistake that is obvious to everyone but me. Make it obvious to me, please.

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  • Hi Edna,
    I get the same problem. I have made a mistake also. I followed all guidelines, but my “” doesn´t work.

    It resolve, I mean the DNS look well when I type “”, but if I try to go “” I get a 404 Not Found error.

    As I cannot access to wp-admin, so I don´t know if it´s a WP misinstallation or a server setup.

    Thanks a lot.,

    Multisite gets set up with one of two configurations, subdomains or subdirectories. Let’s assume that you have your MultiSite installed as subdomains and that everything works just fine. Typically the first site will be to which other sites can be added as subdomains. The default behavior for creating a new site in Multisite will yield somehting like,,, etc.

    Once you’ve created those subdomains using the Sites panel in the Network admin, you can go a step further and map the domains to other domains using a plugin, if you like. You can also choose to just use each site with a subdomain address. This means, Edna, you don’t need to do anything with cPanel to create a subdomain. If you do that, DNS won’t find your multisite because it will stop looking once it’s found the subdomain created by your cPanel.

    In this case, you should delete the subdomain from cPanel and just use the subsite that you create in Multisite.

    Sadly, here I am again. Problem is still not resolved. I did as suggested and removed the subdomain I had added via cpanel. Now I get what appears to be a parking page (not godaddy’s parking page) and any attempt to log in results in a 404 error. This is becoming very frustrating.

    I have “subdomain” set to “true”.

    My main site is

    I go into the Sites panel in the network and add
    I get the results previously described. I get “Future Home of Something Cool”
    and cannot get to dashboard.

    Never mind. I just needed to devote some time to it. After going round and round with GoDaddy support and them telling me I couldn’t set up a wild card subdomain, I went in and did it myself and now it is working fine. I just had to do a little IS shuck and jive. This one is resolved!


    I have the same issue and don’t get around to solving it… Edna, can you tell me what you did to resolve this please?

    Thank you!

    Hey people here is the solution:

    When using subdomains based Multisite it’s require “WildCard subdomain” setup on your cPanel BUT, when creating WildCard subdomain you have to point it to your Multisite installation, i mean if your site is installed on /public_html folder your wildcard subdomain * should point to the same folder /public_html!

    Now, if your is installed as addon domain, let’s say /public_html/ or /public_html/yourdomain or whatever folder name you have used, your WildCard subdomain should point to the same folder! So when setting up * you point it to /public_html/ or whatever folder name you have used! Otherwise you will get 404 error on your subdomains.

    And at last, if you running wildcard subdomain based Multisite, forget about creating your subdomains via cPanel, your Multisite make no sense then! You just create your subdomains inside your Multisite, that’s it.

    You can still create separate subdomains on your cPanel BUT make sure you are NOT duplicating some sub name that already existes on your Multisite!

    If you create both, i mean for example via Multisite and after you create same via cPanel, you will get “403 Forbidden error”, because your Multisite’s subdomain will now point to that empty subdomain folder “sub” automatically created when you add subdomain via cPanel. And if you install wordpress into that “sub” folder created on your cPanel, “403 Forbidden error” will disappear and yes, will resolve BUT, you will be bypassing your Multisite structure, i mean subdomain will work but will not be a part of your Multisite Network, you will get separate subdomain with separate WP installation and separate SQL. Basically your Multisite make no sense at all 🙂

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