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  • Hi
    I have WPMU installation that has main site on subdomain :
    When I create new site it is created under :
    but I would like that all sites are created under so that new site would have url
    Is this possible ? If so…. how ?

    thank !

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  • Hello,

    I have WPMU installation that has main site on subdomain :

    WPMU (now Multisite) sites are either a SUB-DOMAIN or SUB-DIRECTORY of the primary domain. So this baby is working exactly as it is designed to work, and there’s no simple or easy way to achieve what you want.

    The real solution would be to move the Multisite installation to, so that the sub-sites will live at,, etc

    If, for whatever reason, you cannot use for the primary multisite domain but still want, a clean solution would be to:

    1. register a new, throwaway domain, let’s call it (less than 10 bucks for a whole year),
    2. setup Multistie on this primary domain, using either subdomain setup ( or sub-directory setup ( — doesn’t matter which one you use, since step 3 below will hide this completely
    3. Use domain mapping to map to or

    This way, both the public AND the search engines will only see the addresses, and the addresses will be completely hidden.

    Of course, you can do the above with your current setup (ie using as your primary multisite domain, without using a separate domain), and map to — but things can get pretty complicated, and troubleshooting can be a nightmare. Save yourself the trouble!

    Good luck!

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