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    Please bear with me, for all of the programming I have done, I have absolutely no experience with A/C records.

    I was hoping an old-hat expert could speak with me about the implications of the plugin

    I was expecting to use the subfolder multisite option of WordPress, and then to direct traffic for additional domain names set the root folder at the host for that domain name. i.e. server_path/account_root/wordpress/blog_name.

    Turns out I had a little case of under-research and being under-informed. I mucked it all up now, lol.

    So, I swear all I did was point a different domain at the imaginary new blog folder

    I found out it didn’t work, so I set the root folder for that domain back to what it was originally. Now, the old site is working again, but the multisite blog, at doesn’t work, displays “no index file”. However, oddly, the DOES work….?!?

    I am at a loss for words. I have no problem reinstalling everything, this is just a test anyway, but I am unsure of what is the best way to accomplish what I am after in a shared hosting platform.

    I need:
    – Multiple Domain names pointing at multiple multisite blogs.
    – The redirect to this multisite blog needs to be completely private.

    I am worried that using a method such as this plugin, using CNAME records will make the fact that the blog is a multisite blog clearly discoverable. Aren’t CName and A records public…?

    WEll, enough ranting, any ideas to help or thoughts on how to go about doing this?

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  • Okay, I’m an idiot.

    So, I pointed the second domain at the imaginary folder containing the multisite blog. Of coarse, the host automatically creates a folder there if one doesn’t exist. Also, of coarse, since the .htaccess rules for a WP multisite have a check for !existing folder !existing file, it was trying to find an index file in the folder, instead of redirecting to the primary php file. I deleted the host created folder = Solved 🙂

    HOWEVER, that still doesn’t solve my question about the best way to go about setting up a multi-site where the domain mapping is completely private. If we use CName or A records they public aren’t they?

    Okay, so I set the root of the new domain to the root of the wordpress installation.

    I installed The WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin.

    Plugged in the ip address (already the same between the two domains as its shared hosting and I host with the same place I registered my domains at). Didn’t have to change any DNS settings at all. I just pointed the domain to the folder containing my wordpress install….

    It seems to be working….. but can anyone placate me by telling me that this is a secure and private way of doing this?

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    The mapping will never be ‘completely’ private. But what you did works fine.

    Thank you very much for the response Mika,

    I have done a fair deal of reading the forum recently and have noticed that you put a lot of time in here helping people. I just wanted to say that I for one appreciate your time.

    Turns out I didn’t have to change any Cname or A records at all, as all of my domains are on the same host, I simply directed the secondary domain at the proper folder and walla. Of coarse, they share an IP address, but short of getting dedicated IP addresses – I don’t see how that is A. Any different than the way they were setup, and B. an issue, as hundreds of domains run the same IP at a shared host.

    Thanks again 🙂

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