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  • josh753


    Hi there, I have a question about the native domain mapping feature in WP 4.5+ on a multisite setup.

    When we change the Site Address (URL), references to images, fonts, and other resources that were uploaded into a page or post still point to whatever the domain was before mapping. Now, if we add SSL to the newly mapped domain, we get mixed contents errors since the site loads resources from the old domain which has no SSL cert.

    1. We map =>
    2. continues to load files from the original domain

    We have hundreds of sites on our multisite install and are adding more every day, so doing a search and replace in the database to update URLs for every site we ever make is something we would like to avoid.

    This seems like something WordPress should handle when you map a site to a new domain. For example, a task that runs the necessary search and replace operations to update the domain across all posts, pages, etc. so that no reference to the original domain is left. Are we missing something obvious? Did WordPress not consider the cross-domain implications of their domain mapping system?

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  • JNashHawkins


    Have you worked through this tutorial?

    Your clients who are running their own domains should be running as before the change so you only need to deal with the sites using your old domain as outlined above.

    Have you contacted WPEngine to get their assistance with this issue?

    Are you a commercial establishment?

    I know this isn’t fun but multisite and domain mapping is right intricate. You also might find the config constants may help you override some issues if they don’t interfere with discrete domains being mapped.

    define( 'WP_HOME', '' );
    define( 'WP_SITEURL', '' );


    Thanks, we want to keep the multisite’s primary domain the same, though, and just map the sites to new domains. Anyways, it seems like it might be a theme that is storing the absolute URLs in the database using the site’s domain at the time of uploading the file, instead of grabbing the Site Address (URL) to get the most recent mapped address.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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