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  1. wookkiie
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello All,
    I have a multisite subfolder install,and planned to add domain mapping[Domain parking] for other URL's that I own on completley different subjects,as subsites.
    How do the search engine bots treat multisite with domain mapping ? As one large site or individual sites ? My guess is as one large site as everything is based in the root directory.
    Thank you for any advice in advance.

  2. Mmm. That's a funny question :)

    They're treated as one big site but not in all things. Separate domains is separate domains, and it'll really only be a problem for things being 'one big site' when you start cross linking between your mapped domains.

    Basically if you don't abuse cross-links, there's no issue.

  3. wookkiie
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thank you for your reply,not quite sure why you think my question is "funny"?.
    As someone who muddles through wordpress trying to optimize my site or sites,i rely on experts like yourself to guide me,and you all do a fantastic job in the forum.
    I did not want to setup domain mapping and create more sites if google and the like did not see them as individual sites,cross linking would not happen as the site subjects would be so different.
    So would .htaccess need any modification,would the XML sitemap plugin create one big sitemap?.
    Thanks again in advance for any advice and help

  4. It's funny becuase the answer isn't black and white, from the search engines! Basically they say 'Most of the time, this. Sometimes that.' and it gives us headaches ;)

    See Google can tell that WordPress.com is a big thing, but ipstenu.wordpress.com isn't 'a part' of wordpress.com, just hosted there. Same with livejournal.

    So a search engine will see ipstenu.org and halfelf.org as separate sites, even though they're on the same network. BUT the search engine will still notice "Hey, 100% of ipstenu.orgs links go to halfelf.org. This is not good." and down grade me.

    It's a moderation thing. If every single link on one domain points to the other, you're diluting your SEO anyway.

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