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[Resolved] Multisite Domain Mapping

  • Hello all, I came to a situation where I need professional advice.

    There is a WP Multisite installed on (domain.net) with two blogs:

    domain.net/usnews (ID 2)
    domain.net/uknews (ID 4)

    There are two subdomains pointed to this server:


    This had made news.otherdomain.com AND news.otherdomain.co.uk going to domain.net. At this point it’s all correct.

    Now I have installed Domain Mapping Plugin.
    Network > Settings > Domain Mapping Server IP set correctly.
    Network > Settings > Domains there is two domains added:

    news.otherdomain.com > ID 2
    news.otherdomain.co.uk > ID 4

    Now at this stage we have redirect going on:
    news.otherdomain.com GOES TO domain.net/usnews
    news.otherdomain.co.uk GOES TO domain.net/uknews


    How do we make visitor stay on news.otherdomain.com? At present time news.otherdomain.com redirects to domain.net/usnews. We want news.otherdomain.com/post showing same as domain.net/usnews/post. We do not want even show that domain.net/usnews exists, it should be news.otherdomain.com by default.

    How do I do this?

    Is it down to installing kind of plugin?
    Is it down to writing .htaccess file?
    Is it down to changing url in Site settings?

    Thank you in advance..

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  • To be clear on one point, you can have EITHER news.otherdomain.com OR domain.net/usnews but not both.

    If you mapped the domain correctly, it should work that way. Which plugin were you using to map the domain?

    Than you very much Ipstenu for pointing to check this plug in. My fault was that under

    Settings > Domains the [Primary] check box wasn’t selected. And there was issue with propagation.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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